In the highly competitive and complex world, stress is almost inevitable. Unfortunately it is a biggest, silent killer. It manifests overtly in different patterns of behavior; but worse, it operates largely at subconscious level without being noticed. That is why most of the people decline that they suffer from stress.

   One faces multiple factors that cause stress: strenuous demands at workplace, strained relationship, illness, mishaps, unfulfilled ambitions and desires. One of the remedies being offered these days is an advice of positive thinking. One is asked to follow a drill of how to think positively, and remain optimistic and happy. Indeed a good advice that gives initial hope and courage; but enthusiasm to practice that ideology vanishes sooner than expected as it results in mere a short-lived relief.

   The other method widely prevalent to deal with stress is spiritual and religious beliefs enshrined in unique ideologies. That method provides solace and psychological prop to fall back on during intense stress and crisis. But, instead of bestowing a long-lasting solution, these ideologies often divide people with societal conflicts and violence.

   It is, therefore, imperative to question the depth and sustainability of transformation accruing from the drills of positive or spiritual beliefs. These, in fact, represent attempts to self-hypnotize or condition one’s mind to insulate from actual problems.

   The real question to ponder over is whether such answers and guidance from others change fundamentally the emotive patterns and deep-rooted behavioral tendencies of mind. They seem to work on surface for a while, but often end up as psychological escapes from one’s self and its rough edges, emotional proclivities that are rooted in the deep layers of mind. Hence, one has to face these facts squarely and be objectively aware of their inner construct, which will open up possibilities of rewiring brain and lasting solution for the affliction of stress and depression

   How hard one may try to eclipse oneself in the shadows of ideologies from outside; there is no way to escape from the reality of self as such. Borrowed ideology from others, however noble it may be, does not bring about a fundamental change in mind, which is essential for being free from stress and acquiring emotional equilibrium and innate spontaneity of life.

   Rewiring the Brain advances a more effective, path-breaking approach to tackle stress. It is devoid of religious or mystical beliefs, and does not involve psychological escapes. In order to explore new horizons and practical ways in that direction, read author and diplomat Rajnish Roy’s fascinating book, Rewiring The Brain. ….Read more in the book…..